Previous Committee Members

The NACE Southern Ontario Student Section is comprised of graduate students pursuing an education in corrosion science from McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, and Queen's University. Our committee members, both past and present, have worked hard to develop this student chapter and build it into what it is today. The following lists previous graduate students who have served on the NACE SOSS Committee during their time in graduate school.

McMaster University

Hamilton, ON

Centre for Automotive Materials and Corrosion

Western University

London, ON

Electrochemistry and Corrosion Science Centre

Radiation Assisted Materials Performance Science

University of Toronto

Toronto, ON

Surface Engineering and Electrochemistry (SEE)

R.C. Newman's Corrosion Group

Queen's University

Kingston, ON

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Houston, Texas, USA

Phone: +1 281-228-6223 or +1 800-797-6223

Fax: +1 281-228-6300


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